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  1. hello, do you have plans to translate it into Spanish?. Greetings from Mexico. Daniel :)

  2. Hello wow just read Oliver twisted, like yourself I have grown up with Oliver twist so when I saw your book on a search engine I just had to buy it , and I'm glad I did a big thank you and a thumbs UP loved it keep up the good work . Now a fan Ian from the uk xx

  3. Hey, I just finished reading Oliver twisted and I have to say, it was honestly one of the best books i have ever read, I loved how you transformed the characters and the fact that I knew the storey did make the twists in their individual tales more suprising, I would love to read more of your work as; as far as I can see your a fenominal author! You should right Mary Coffin (taken from the quote on tat halloween pick) I mean how awesome does that
    sound? Seriously though you've just gained another fan, Bridie from Newcastle England

  4. Btw, sorry about all the grammatical errors I should have previewed my comment before publishing

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